Three Leaders of MAKER’S AGAINST COVID19

The three leaders of MAKER’S AGAINST COVID-19 each have an important role to play in the organization. Claire is a rising junior at Stony Brook University and the President of the Asian Students Alliance. She is responsible for processing PPE requests, following them through the delivery process, and managing the organization’s email account. Claire also shares Makers’ resources with previous requestors.

Lavanya Sharma, a rising high school senior at North Hollywood High School, contacted the organization after seeing the impact of COVID-19 in her community. She wanted to do something to support the frontline healthcare workers. She started curating the Maker’s for COVID-19 newsletter, aimed at informing the public about the virus and how they can get involved.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asked vaccine makers to reformulate the Covid-19 shot, in order to provide better protection against an evolving coronavirus. The new vaccine will contain the same omicron protein as the old one, so it will have a greater chance of preventing the virus from spreading. This bivalent vaccine will be available in early to mid-fall 2022.

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Maker’s Against COVID19
Maker’s Against COVID19